Communicating with the Open SIMH project

The Open SIMH project is based on the work of a large community. There are several ways to communicate with the community at large, as well as with the leadership.

Community e-mail list

The e-mail list is the communications vehicle used most often. It encompases use of the simulators, development, and occaisional forrays into the history of the systems and software that we emulate and support.

Bug reports, feature requests, and code

Formal bug reports, feature requests, and code review are handled on the web using GitHub “issuses”.

Code contributions

If you have code that you’d like to contribute, fork the appropriate repository, make your changes, and submit a pull request. Discussion will be in the pull request.

If you would like to discuss a potential contribution before it’s coded (which is wise for larger efforts), please open a GitHub issue.

Steering Group

The Steering Group has ultimate responsibility for the project. We work with the community for a concensus resolution of most issues. In general, we prefer to discuss matters in one of the public formum. However, for sensitive issues, the following e-mail addresses are available:

The Steering Group consists of: Clem Cole, Richard Cornwell, Paul Koning, Timothe Litt, Seth Morabito, and Bob Supnik

PGP public keys

Some Steering Group members may digitally certify Open SIMH project PGP keys with a personal key.

To provide a chain of trust for the project keys, the keys that may be used for this are:

Although the project keys are expected to be stable, you may prefer to verify them with the Steerng Group member’s key.

Website feedback

This website is a work in progress, but all feedback is welcome.

For website issues (missing, broken or inappropriate links, corrections, additional material):

Website issues raised on the project’s other issue trackers are welcome, but may be redirected.

Please use the issue tracker when large amounts of material is involved. Also please consult before proposing/investing in large changes.