Software for the HP-3000

HP-3000 software status:

Title Media Documents HowTo Origin Owner Status
MPE-VR E.01.00 Bitsavers1 Bitsavers   HP HPE Edu-Hobby
HP-3000 SYSDUMP Bitsavers2 Bitsavers   HP HPE Edu-Hobby

Other resources


  1. Kit contents: mpe.7920.disc – the bootable MPE disc image
    mpe-man.sim – a script to cold load the disc
    mpe-auto.sim – a script to cold load the disc and perform a COOLSTART
    mpe-1-reload.sim – a script to RELOAD the system from the FOS tape
    mpe-2-sysdump.sim – a script to SYSDUMP the disc to tape
    mpe-3-coldstart.sim – a script to COLDSTART the system and expand code size
    mpe-4-restore.sim – a script to RESTORE compilers and examples from tape
    mpe-1-reload.log – the console log for the mpe-1-reload.sim script
    mpe-2-sysdump.log – the console log for the mpe-2-sysdump.sim script
    mpe-3-coldstart.log – the console log for the mpe-3-coldstart.sim script
    mpe-4-restore.log – the console log for the mpe-4-restore.sim script

  2. SYSDUMP format tape & directory listing “32002-11018_Rev-2548”