Where to find software for Open SIMH

Emulators aren’t very interesting without the software to run on them. Historical software can be hard to find, and when found the rights to use it vary considerably. Some was never copyrighted or has been released to the public domain; other software is licensed for educational or non-commerical use; while the status of much software is uncertain or unknown. Many of the originating companies have changed hands - some many times - or are defunct. Some don’t know what they have.

The Open SIMH project does not distribute software that runs on our emulators. But when a current owner can be identified, we do advocate for software to be released - at least for educational/non-commercial use.

The software distributions listed here may be of interest to some (or all) users of Open SIMH. Be sure to verify that your use is permissible under the terms of any applicable license.

Licenses permitting use with Open SIMH

Explicit licenses that organizations have generously granted for use of “Ancient” (formerly proprietary) software include:

Curated repositories

See also

  • The list of SIMH simulators: includes hyperlinks to pages for many simulators that catalog the software known to be available for each one. Documentation for simulators may include additional hyperlinks and/or repositories.

Other tools

We’d be happy to host/link to these if the license/owner allows…

When available, the Name links to an on-line source.

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