Open SIMH simulators

Available simulators

Open SIMH provides a large (and growing) number of simulators:

SimH Name Common Name Software HowTo/Moreinfo
3B2 AT&T 3B2/400 & 700   [info]
alpha DEC Alpha AXP    
ALTAIR MITS Altair 8800    
AltairZ80 MITS Altair 8080 & Z80    
B5500 Burroughs B5500 [Catalog] [Tutorial]
BESM6 BESM-6 (USSR)   [info]
CDC1700 CDC 1700 [bits]  
GRI GRI-909 & 99   [sim] (pdf)
H316 Honywell H316 & 516   [sim] (pdf)
H316-IMP Honywell H316 & 516 ARPA/IMP   [sim] (pdf) [sim] (pdf)
HP2100 HP-2100 [Catalog] [sim] (pdf)
HP3000 HP-3000 [Catalog] [sim] (pdf)
I1401 IBM 1401 [Catalog] [sim] (pdf)
I1620 IBM 1620 [Catalog] [sim] (pdf)
I650 IBM 650 [Catalog] [sim] (pdf)
I7000 IBM 701,7010,7070,7080, 7090 [Catalog] [sim-701] (pdf)
[sim-7010] (pdf)
[sim-7070] (pdf)
[sim-7080] (pdf)
[sim-7090] (pdf)
I7094 IBM 7094 [Catalog] [sim] (pdf)
Ibm1130 IBM 1130 [Catalog] [sim] (pdf)
imlac IMLAC PDS-1    
Intel-Systems MDS PC XT SCELBI    
Interdata Interdata 16b/32b [Catalog]  
LGP Royal-Mcbee LGP-21,30    
NOVA Data General Nova [Catalog]  
PDP1 DEC PDP-1    
PDP4 DEC PDP-4    
PDP6 DEC PDP-6    
PDP7 DEC PDP-7    
PDP8 DEC PDP-8    
PDP9 DEC PDP-9    
PDP15 DEC PDP-15    
PDP10 DEC PDP-10 (KS) [Catalog]  
KA10 DEC PDP-10 (KA10) [Catalog]  
KI10 DEC PDP-10 (KI10) [Catalog]  
KL10 DEC PDP-10 (KL10) [Catalog]  
KS10 DEC PDP-10 (KS10) [Catalog]  
PDP11 DEC PDP-11 [Catalog]  
PDQ-3 Advanced Computer PQD-3    
S3 IBM System/3 model 10    
SAGE SAGE Inc. 68000    
SDS SDS 940    
SEL32 SEL 32/27, 67,77,87,97,V7,V9    
sigma XDS Sigma 32b    
SSEM Manchester SSEM    
swtp6800 SWTP 6800    
tt2500 General Turtle tt2500    
TX-0 MIT TX-0    
VAX DEC VAX [Catalog]  

Abbreviations used above

Abbreviation Meaning
[sim] Open SIMH simulator documentation. Contents vary.
[sim-<name>] Model-specific simulator documentation.
[Tutorial] A usage tutorial found on tutorials page.
[bits] Docmentation/software on the website.
(pdf) A downloadable PDF version of the previous item.
[Catalog] Hyperlink to the software catalog page for a simulator.

Other documents

These are in the code repository, but not (yet) here:

  • simh.doc
  • simh_breakpoints.doc
  • simh_doc.doc
  • simh_faq.doc
  • simh_magtape.doc
  • simh_swre.doc
  • simh_vmio.doc
  • simulators_acm_queue_2004.doc